Harvard Professor Invents Caffeine Inhaler

David Edwards, Ph.D., professor at Harvard University, has devised a new, streamlined way of consuming caffeine.  It’s called Aeroshot Pure Energy and is a slim, pocket-sized tube that works something like an asthma inhaler.  Puff gently, and the tube releases a lime-flavored light powder that instantly dissolves in your mouth.  The caffeine is suppossedly absorbed […]

Caffeine Content Doesn't Lie! Does Starbucks Use Cheap Robusta Beans After All?

There are two major varieties of the coffee plant:  Arabica and robusta.  All the best tasting coffee, imbued with rich, subtle flavor, is made from arabica beans.  Harsher and more bitter coffees are brewed from robusta beans.  The only reason robusta varieties are used at all is that they are hardier plants and cheaper to grow and harvest. […]

Caffeine Reduces Some Breast Cancer Risks by over 55%

According to new findings published in Breast Cancer Research, caffeine reduces the risk of some types of breast cancer by more than 55%.   A new study carried out by Swedish researchers at the Karolinska Institute revealed an inverse correlation between high daily intakes of caffeine and developing a sub-type of breast tumor called “estrogen-receptor negative breast […]

Coffee Tasting – Tanzanian Mbeya

As I mentioned in a post on this web site last week, a friend of mine gave me some Tanzanian Mbeya beans as a gift.  As I am not very familiar with African coffees, I tested them first against the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans I described last week.  While the Yirgacheffe were brightly floral in flavor, […]