Caffeine Paranoia Casts Its Shadow over Children

Peer-reviewed scientific studies of caffeine’s health effects continue to prove that caffeine has an outstanding safely profile and offers a truly astonishing list of health benefits.  Nevertheless, the spectre of caffeine paranoia constantly returns, threatening to scare us away from benefiting from and enjoying caffeine.  The latest entry in the caffeine paranoia parade is an article in the The Washington […]

Good Water for Good Coffee!

A recent study from the Swiss World Wildlife Fund International proved that bottled water is no safer or healthier than water that comes from the tap.  But the real question about water preference has always rested on the question of taste not safety. As it happens, however, the issue of safety strongly affects the issue […]

Caffeine Benefits Boat Sails onto the Mainstream

We’ve been touting the incredible list of caffeine’s health benefits for some time.  (See our post, “Caffeine: Unexplored Source of Pharmacological Treasures.)  However, ever since the first use of coffee in the Yemen around 1500, many nay-sayers have been trying to brand coffee and caffeine as harmful and dangerous.  That’s why we find it encouraging […]

Can Coca-Cola Kill You?

A crazy report from New Zealand is making the rounds on the web.  A thirty year old woman with numerous physical and mental problems died, apparently of a heart attack.  Before her death the woman had been drinking about two gallons of Coca-Cola every day. Remarkably, Dr. Dan Mormin, described in news reports as “her […]