ABC News Plays False with Caffeine

Do you assume you can rely on network television news to learn reliable information about your health?  At least when it comes to ABC News “Good Morning America,” this assumption is unfortunately unjustified! Caffeine and Deaths and Adverse Health Effects The ABC News Report: According to a recent ABC News report, the FDA announced that a Monster […]

Everything Old Is New Again: Caffeine as a Potent Pain-Killer

  Caffeine is a potent pain-killer.  However, in addition to reducing pain on its own, caffeine in even low doses has been shown to magnify the pain killing power of aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprophen and even of narcotic analgesics.  Decades ago, caffeine was commonly combined with aspirin, in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals such as Anacin, and with narcotic pain killers, […]