The Coffee Lover’s Hip Hop, Can’t Stop, Last Drop, Where to Cop,

Over the Top Guide to Caffeine:

All about the Drug That Runs the World!

What’s the world’s biggest turn on?  Alcohol?  Tobacco?  Sex?  Socialism?  Rock music?  You may be surprised to learn that it’s caffeine.  That’s right.  Caffeine has them all beat.  The magical substance in your daily cup of coffee (and in your tea, your colas, and your hot chocolate) is enjoyed regularly by over 90% of the people in the world.  That makes it not only the world’s favorite recreational and psychoactive drug, but probably the world’s most popular indulgence of any type!
So why caffeine?  Why is almost everyone—young and old, rich and poor, uptight accountants and zoned out rock musicians, workaholics and bums, members of al queda and supporters of conservative politicians—quietly hooked on the guilty pleasure of this drug?  And shouldn’t we be worried about tanking our hearts and psyches into overdrive on a daily basis?
People talk about the South American cocaine cartels and the Southeast Asian heroin Golden Triad.  But it’s really caffeine that runs the world, both in the sense of making it run better, faster, longer, and smarter, and also in the sense that caffeine has effectively created the modern personality.  That’s right.  By allowing us to medicate and dose ourselves with liquid energy and confidence, the caffeine in coffee has helped to make us what we are.
Should we be uneasy about this transformation?  Did we all go to sleep about hundred years ago and wake up as hopeless caffeine junkies who don’t remember or think about what we are doing to ourselves?  Do we really want to be part of the army of caffeine-zonked zombies, marching to a different, undoubtedly faster, drummer?
It looks as if we do!
Our message:  Don’t get the jitters over caffeine.  If you’re cool about what you’re doing—if you know the coffee and caffeine story, when to use it and how much to use—then you can go for the maximum buzz!  Science has proven that caffeine is remarkably safe and offers incredible benefits to your mental and physical performance, your health, and simply to feeling good and having fun.  So, take a deep breath, part your hair, and let the party begin!

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    1. Caffeine absolutely does NOT alter the fluid balance of the organs in the body nor does it increase urination. It also does not cause heartburn. Both of these things can be caused by coffee, however.
      If caffeine gives you a headache, don’t use it. Stopping caffeine suddenly can cause headaches in some people for a few days, so if you stop you might want to cut down slowly.

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