Mystery Ingredient in Coffee Adds to Caffeine's Alzheimer’s Disease Protection

It’s been known for several years that caffeine can help stop the development of Alzheimer’s disease and even reverse some of the decrements in mental function caused by the disease.  However, according to a new study of mice published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, coffee may afford additional protection to stopping the progression of […]

Caffeine and an "Attitude of Success"

Many studies have proven that caffeine increases feelings of optimism and self-confidence and dispels boredom and fatigue.  Caffeine also increases mental and physical capacities and allows you to release your hidden potential.  Can there be any doubt that this line up of benefits adds up to creating an “attitude of success” in the caffeine user, […]

FDA Is Wrong Yet Again – Ivy League Study PROVES Alcohol Combined with Caffeine Is Safe!

It was obvious all along.   But the caffeine paranoia lobby has been lying and spouting nonsense to such an extent that many people had become confused.  Inaccurate, unscientific rulings by the bureaucrats posturing in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to the effect that it is unsafe to combine alcohol and caffeine, made the waters even murkier.  Now the journal Addiction […]

Win at Poker with Caffeine

Poker is a demanding game of skill.  Winning at poker requires the ability to perform quick, precise wagering caculations, the knack of making fast evaluations of card strengths, and, also, because extended play can be boring, the sitzfleisch to sustain patient concentration. Caffeine improves each of these specific abilities. 

Caffeine Makes Brain Cells Grow!

In 1999, Menahem Segal and Eduard Korkotian of the Department of Neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute in Israel reported an astonishing discovery.  They had removed hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for long term memory) from rat embryos and kept the cells alive, cultured on microscope slides.  The researchers then applied caffeine to the hippocampal […]

Yerkes-Dodson Effect: How Much Coffee or Caffeine is Too Much?

One of the reasons that caffeine is not a drug of abuse is that, unlike cocaine, amphetamine, or heroin, caffeine does not produce effects that indefinitely increase as you increase the dose.  Caffeine has a built in mechanism that guarantees that a little does a little, more does more, but even more starts to reverse the beneficial effects […]

Banning Four Loko: Caffeine Paranoia Run Wild!

Caffeine has been damned for causing mental and physical problems.  Maybe there is one serious mental disorder that it does cause —            caffeine paranoia, the irrational, intense fear of caffeine.  Four Loko, a modestly potent malt alcoholic drink with a bit of caffeine added, has been banned in New York as “potentially deadly” and has also […]

Caffeine Protects the Brain from Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

There are no more dreaded misfortunes of increasing age than the onset of the debilitating brain diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia.  What could caffeine have to do with these life-destroying, intractable conditons? It’s simple:  Caffeine is a tonic for the brain.  Substantial evidence from epidemiological studies and animal research demonstrates that caffeine protects us from the […]

Hangover Remedy: Caffeine and Ibuprophen

Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia recently discovered that a mixture of caffeine and ibuprophen (Advil) is an excellent remedy for the hangover blues.  Their study, reported in the January 11, 2011 issue of New Scientist, confirmed previous studies at Harvard University that found that the caffeine in coffee and anti-inflammatory ingredients in ibuprophen and […]

Zen and Caffeine: Tranquil Energy

Caffeine is a CNS (Central Nervous System) stimulant.  Most stimulants, such as methamphetamine and cocaine, increase anxiety.  Perhaps for this reason, the myth has arisen that caffeine makes you edgy and nervous and tense.  However, the exact opposite is the truth! Pharmacologically, caffeine achieves its effects differently from any other stimulants.  Caffeine increases your energy, […]