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On this page, we will post chapters from Expiration Date, a Christian science-fiction adventure thriller in which Galahad Jones, a super-secret agent, is called out of retirement to combat a psychotic, renegade, brilliant Cardinal who plots to use viral agencies to achieve control of the Catholic Church and, ultimately, the world.

We will add a chapter every week or so until the entire 50 chapters of the novel have been posted here.  (This long novel was written in less than a year, a feat that would have been impossible for us without the generous verbal performance, energy, and mood benefits provided by caffeine.)

Expiration Date


 Bennett Alan Weinberg and Bonnie K. Bealer

“How much more satisfying on an elementary level to see [the] characters as the instruments of fate;  they come together not simply because of love or desire, but because they are so destined. Their union suggests the medieval ideal of chivalric love, in which marriage is a form of God’s will.”

 — R. Ebert, review of “The Adventures of Robin Hood”


In hoc signo vinces

Chapter 1:  Abduction

Chapter 2:  A Child’s Game

Chapter 3:  The Hand of God

Chapter 4:  Escape from Paradise

Chapter 5:  “He Sent forth a Dove…”

Chapter 6:  Ancestral Voices

Chapter 7:  Someone Wants to Be Pope

Chapter 8: A Man of the Faith

Chapter 9:  A Man in a Red Hat

Chapter 10: Seal Our Bargain with a Kiss

Chapter 11: My Little Men

Chapter 12: The Best Teacher

Chapter 13: Welcome to the Fold

Chapter 14: A Vital Contribution

Chapter 15: Strange Reunion

Chapter 16: Destabilized

Chapter 17: To Get Back Suzanne

Chapter 18: Passage

Chapter 19: Coming to Call

Chapter 20: You Can Be Young Again, Too!

Chapter 21: Our Share of Miracles

Chapter 22: And Darkness Was upon the Face of the Deep

Chapter 23: Heaven Has Lost Its Patience

Chapter 24: Tied in a Red Silk Bow

Chapter 25: Murder in Crown Passage

12 Responses to Caffeine Prose

  1. “it is my personal experience that there exists nowhere in the world a more perfect, satisfying, pleasurable or uplifting beverage than a cup of coffee.”-joseph p.martino world traveler

  2. bawinc says:

    More on the way soon! Thanks so much for asking!

  3. Thanks so much, Frank! I will be posting the chapters right along. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it. Please tell your friends — and coworkers!

  4. Frank Sullivan says:

    I read the first seven chapters. I got engrossed and am looking forward to more.


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