Caffeine Zone App Doesn't Do the Job

All over the web people are talking about the Caffeine Zone 2 app, which supposedly lets you keep track of how much caffeine is in your system.  It considers factors such as how much caffeine you’re consuming, the caffeine source (e.g., coffee or tea), and how long it takes you to consume it.  The app […]

Caffeine in Green Tea and Coffee Protects Against Lung Cancer

A Chinese research study of laboratory animals, only recently reported on the web, confirmed a body of evidence already accumulated that green tea protects against cancer development at various organ sites.   This study showed that green tea inhibits lung tumor development in mice that had been dosed with a potent nicotine-derived lung carcinogen found in tobacco.  […]

How Coffee and Caffeine Prevent Diabetes

It’s been known for some years that the regular consumption of even a modest amount of coffee greatly reduced the chances of developing diabetes.  And studies have found that people who drink four or more cups of coffee a day have a 50% lower risk of contracting the disease.  Now, researchers in China may have discovered […]

Spending on Coffee a Significant Expense for Many

How much are you spending on coffee in a year?  Maybe more than you realize. A recent study shows that Americans consume an average of three large cups of coffee per day.  Some of this coffee is made at home and doesn’t cost very much to brew.  However, a great deal of this coffee is purchased at […]