According to a new study from the University of Southern Queensland, caffeine, consumed as a pill or as a powder mixed with water or juice, may help people to reduce weight, but the caffeine delivered in the matrix of coffee won’t.
Researchers found that rats kept on a high calorie diet lost weight after being given caffeine.  However, no weight loss was observed when the rats were fed a caffeinated coffee extract.  The scientists conducing the study think that other compounds in coffee, perhaps including chlorogenic acid, might block the weight-reducing power of caffeine.  (Rats make surprisingly good subjects for studies of human nutritional requirements, as, except for the fact that rats do not require vitamin C, the nutritional needs of rats and people are nearly identical.)
Some other benefits of caffeine, for example, its ability to improve exercise and sports endurance and speed, are not seen with caffeinated coffee either.

Caffeine Pills for Weight Loss

Although the exact reasons for coffee’s failure to deliver weight loss and sports performance improvements are not understood, it seems clear that, to reap all the benefits of caffeine, it is necessary to use caffeine tablets or powder and to skip coffee as a source of caffeine!
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