You may not have heard about this, but caffeine is a strong pain killer.  It’s been proven in double-blind studies that caffeine is as strong a pain killer as ibuprophen (Advil).  If you have a toothache or a backache or any muscle pains, just taking 100 milligrams or 200 milligrams of caffeine will often stop your pain completely.  And, because caffeine is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, it can also act to actually allieviate the causes of some of your uncomfortable symptoms.
As good a pain killer as caffeine is, however, it works even better if combined with acetaminophen (Tylenol) and best of all if combined with ibuprophen (Advil).
Bennett experienced the powerful pain relieving effects of caffeine in a big way when he contracted a serious flu that gave him a 103 degree fever.  He had just finished a television interview for “CBS Sunday Morning” and was hardly able to make it back to his hotel room.  His whole body was aching, and he was in such intense pain that he couldn’t sleep.  He even tried codeine, a narcotic pain killer, to no avail.  Then he took 200 milligrams of caffeine.  To his amazement, his pain disappeared!  And he was so exhausted by his illness that, once his pain was relieved, despite having taken caffeine, he fell into a restful sleep.  There is no question that caffeine not only helped him feel better, but the rest it allowed him to enjoy helped him to get better!
Many years ago, pharmaceutical companies recognized the pain killing power of caffeine and they often sold tablets that combined aspirin and caffeine.  For some mysterious reason, when aspirin fell out of favor and was replaced by acetaminophen, the addition of caffeine stopped.
However, you can simply take acetaminophen or ibuprophen tablets or capsules with a cup of coffee or with a caffeine pill to get the full benefit of caffeine’s pain killing power.

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  1. I definitely agree that caffeine is a painkiller. I worked as a casino porter and I drank a lot of Pepsi from the EDR it was FREE, and I would fill my Jug I bought at 7-Eleven at least three times during the night at work. It gave me energy to work and kept me awake since I worked graveyard. I had no idea that it was a painkiller at that time, although I became addicted to Pepsi because of the caffeine, which I was not aware of that either, I just thought it taste good and I liked it I had no idea that I needed it.
    I noticed that caffeine was a painkiller on my day off. I was driving and I had a terrible backache, also I had a taste for a Pepsi it was a hot that day! So I stopped at Carl’s Jr and ordered a large Pepsi, after I started to drink it, I noticed that back pain was gone. I wanted to see if it was the caffeine from the Pepsi or my imagination! Therefore, I started to experiment on my days off, when my back started to hurt, I would have a Pepsi, and every time I drank it, the pain would disappear. So then, I started to drink more Pepsi at work for back pain. I figured that was much better than taking Tylenol three times a day.
    When I realized that I was addicted to the caffeine in the Pepsi, I tried to stop, and it was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. I needed my caffeine it was more important to me than food was, and it made me feel happy too! If I knew then what I know now I would of taken Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the back pain, and not the Pepsi. Caffeine also gave me heart palpitations I do not recommend caffeine to anyone, unless it’s one cup of coffee in the morning to help wake you up.

    1. No pharmaceutical product, including caffeine, is good for every one. However, the overwhelming majority of people can enjoy and benefit from caffeine use, for mood elevation, pain control, and many, many other things. Nevertheless, if caffeine bothers you in any way, you should reduce your dose or eliminate it. By the way, caffeine is not addictive. It does create a metabolic dependence, but addiction is defined as a condition in which a person is having serious problems and yet is unable to break the connection with whatever is hurting him. For example, when a person is unable to quit using heroin even though it is bankrupting him, or unable to stop gambling even though he’s lost his house and his job because of it. Quitting caffeine is only ever difficult because it is hard to give up its many benefits. But quitting can always be accomplished without much trouble if you know that you should stop by cutting your dose down slowly.

  2. I only realized today the power of caffeine as a pain killer. I only drink Coke occasionally but the pain in my shoulder this morning was so bad I decided to treat myself. From almost the first sip I realized that the pain was subsiding and by the time I finished the bottle it was completely gone. Further more I was completely pain free until the evening. I was too afraid of a sleepless night so I took Ibuprofen, but tomorrow morning if the pain is back, “Coke is the word”

  3. I had a disk gone between L4 and L5 in my back. And severe sciatic nerve pain. The pain was so bad. It cause tears to come to my eyes. Prescription pain killers did not touch it. But I would drink a cup of coffee of a morning and it was the only time the pain would subside.

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