Slimming down and shaping up are challenges many women face, especially as we enter the spring and summer seasons.  Caffeine can definitely help you to lose weight and get into good condition.  This is because, taken internally, caffeine reduces your appetite, increases your metabolic rate, allows you to burn more fat, and enables you to exercise harder and longer.  But caffeine has also been touted as a topical aid to breaking down cellulite and reducing the size of thighs, buttocks, waist, and upper arms.  According to some claims, when caffeine is applied externally, it causes cells to shed fat and skin to tighten.  Supposedly, caffeine has been used in the form of a cream or liquid for years by models to help shape them up, at least temporarily, before an important photo shoot.
A product aiming to deliver this benefit is Lytess Slimming Active Wear Leggings Daywear, a $60 item available from Amazon.   The Lytess website says these nylon leggings are infused with caffeine, which can help “mobilize” and reduce fat.

Lyless Slimming Active Wear Leggings Daywear

Lytess has stated that it isn’t claiming the leggings cause weight loss, just that they deliver size reductions. Results are promised within about three weeks. 
Will these leggings work?  It’s hard to say.  On the one hand, there have been no scientific studies proving that caffeine can melt away cellulite in the body.  On the other, scientists have shown that cells in a petri dish shed their fat when exposed to caffeine.  In addition, considerable anecdotal evidence from the modelling business supports the claim.  In any case, even if topically applied caffeine can cause cells to lose fat and tighten skin, it remains to be seen of these leggings can deliver enough caffeine to do the job.


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