A crazy report from New Zealand is making the rounds on the web.  A thirty year old woman with numerous physical and mental problems died, apparently of a heart attack.  Before her death the woman had been drinking about two gallons of Coca-Cola every day.
Remarkably, Dr. Dan Mormin, described in news reports as “her pathologist,” blamed this woman’s death on poor nutrition and excessive caffeine intake, commenting that “toxic levels of caffeine” contributed to her death!
The quantity of Coca-Cola the woman had been consuming daily before she died delivered about the same amount of caffeine as is found in four cups of filter-drip coffee.  If four cups of coffee a day could kill, people around the world would be dropping dead by the hundreds of thousands every day!

Death by Caffeine

Once again, this story illustrates that the caffeine paranoia train is chugging along  the track of fantasy at full speed.  If you enjoy coffee, we recommend that you try to forget this insane story by having a couple of cups to help you relax and coast on the tranquil energy that caffeine provides.

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