A manual drip cone is a serviceable way of brewing coffeee.  Now an inventor has devised a new sort of drip cone that combines the ease of use of drip brewing with some of the long extraction of French press brewing.  The device to make this coffee is called the Clever Coffee Dripper.

Clever Coffee Dripper

The secret is a spring loaded stopper that is located on the bottom of the cone.  As with a traditional cone filter brewer, you use a paper filter, ground coffee, and hot water.  However, instead of the coffee immediately starting to filter down through the bottom of the cone, the spring loaded stopper keeps the coffee inside until you place the cone on a mug to lift up the stopper and drain your brew.
The stopper allows you to control the immersion time of the coffee to suit your taste.  The result can be a richer, stronger cup of coffee.  For a little over $20, this might be something for coffee lovers to try for themselves!

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