Mormons, or Latter Day Saints, are prohibited by their “Word of Wisdom” health code from using alcohol, tobacco, and “hot drinks.” Traditionally, the church has interpreted this to bar the use of coffee and tea.
However, caffeine itself is not mentioned in any traditional Mormon texts. Therefore, some Mormons today enjoy caffeinated sodas, such as Coke and Mountain Dew.

Latter Day Saints Membership (2007)

Matthew Jorgensen, a graduate researcher in the University of Utah’s chemistry department, gets more questions about caffeine than any other aspect of his Mormon faith.  That’s because outsiders see him turn down coffee while downing Mountain Dew.
Puzzled observers — and many within the Utah-based faith as well — often  think that the LDS Church forbids all caffeinated drinks.
“I haven’t really recognized a conflict between caffeinated sodas and my religion,” comments Jorgensen.
This caffeine bibber is not alone in the Mormon community in taking a relaxed attitude toward caffeine.  Many others of the faithful have been quietly enjoying caffeine for years and will continue to do so.

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