Over the years, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece Mona Lisa has been parodied many times, including when Dada artist Marcel Duchamp gave the subject of the painting a moustache.  Now Karen Eland, an American artist and caffeine-lover, has modernized the classic work of art by depicting the model for the painting raising a cup of coffee with her knowing smile.  Perhaps the secret of her mysterious grin is the mood-elevating power of caffeine!

"Mocha Lisa"

Another caffeinated version of this painting has been created for The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia, using 3,604 cups of coffee and 564 pints of milk and was seen by 130,000 people who attended the one-day coffee lovers’ event.  Each coffee cup was filled with black coffee and varying amounts of milk to recreate the different sepia shades of the painting.  The resulting creation measures 20′ x 13′,  about  ten times the size of Leonardo da Vinci’s original.
Mona Lisa with Coffee Cups

Close View of Coffee Cup Mona Lisa

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