An amazingly stupid and inaccurate book, Caffeine Makes Me Bleed (And How It Can Poison You, Too!) by Susan Lynn, has been added to the list of literature promoting the irrational fear and hatred of caffeine.

Caffeine Makes Me Bleed

As our web site postings make clear, caffeine not only offers safe, effective performance and mood benefits, but it also contributes an astonishing list of health benefits that can help us to live happier and longer lives.  Ignoring the mountain of favorable evidence about caffeine’s effects, Ms. Lynn has chosen to write a diatribe that compares the effects of caffeine to the detriments of smoking cigarettes and eating foods with transfats.  The author blames caffeine for almost all of her life’s problems, including her difficulty getting along with her boss and passing blood in her stool.  In sum, she states that her caffeine “addiction” has ruined her health!

For whatever reason, the fact that caffeine is a drug and offers us so many advantages makes many people nervous and even makes them feel guity for using it.  We can only say that, if you have some religious or other non-rational objection to caffeine, then don’t use it.  But we also ask that authors, especially pseudo-scientific authors, refrain from writing and publishing the kind of scary nonsense that might lead some people to give up all the wonderful things caffeine can do for them. 

And we repeat:  If you know how caffeine affects you, how much you should use and what it will do to you and for you, you can use caffeine safely to improve almost every aspect of your life.

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