In Houston, Texas, Pete Licata of Honolulu Coffee Company became the first competitor from Hawaii to win the United States Barista Championship.  He was also the first winner who used Hawaiian coffee.
For the first time, a United States Barista Champion created and served his own coffee, from coffee cherries to the drink in a cup.  This was possible for Licata because he lives in Hawaii, which is the only state that grows coffee commercially.  Licata’s crop is called, “Ilsa Coffee.”
In the barista competition, organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, competitors concoct espressos, cappuccinos and original signature drinks.
Licata will now represent the United States at the World Barista Championship in Bogota, Columbia, in June, 2011.  He will face baristas from 50 other countries.  For more information about the competition, please visit www.worldbaristachampionship.com.
You can see Licata talking about the challenge of making his own coffee in Isla Coffee’s video.

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