Here we provide a simple, easy to take test of the speed of your reactions.  The purpose of the test is to determine if and how much your reaction time speeds up when you are using caffeine.
Why is this interesting?  Because the speed of your reactions is a good measure not only of alertness but also of general intelligence and virtual age.  And, of course, reaction time is important when you play tennis or soccer or any other sport that requires quick responses. 


The Caffeine Ruler Reaction Time Test
In order to tke this test, buy an 18” ruler and ask a friend to hold the ruler suspended vertically from the top.  Position your hand so that your thumb and middle finger are 3½” apart, with the bottom edge of the ruler between them.  Your friend should drop the ruler without giving you any advance notice, and you should try to catch it between your thumb and middle finger as quickly as possible.  Your score is the inch at which you catch it.   Repeat this test four times, calculate an average score, and see if your average score is higher after using caffeine.  The dose of caffeine you should take should vary with your sensitivity to the drug.  If you have an average sensitivity, taking between 200 milligrams and 300 milligrams, the amount in a big, strong cup of filter drip coffee, would be a good choice.  If you are more sensitive to caffeine than most people, try only 100 milligrams or even less.  If you are less sensitive than most people, you could try 400 milligrams.

Because, on the average, scores decrease progressively from the 11” mark at age 20 and the 6” mark at age 60,  you can also get a reading on how much caffeine is affecting your virtual age, that is, how well you function at a given time in relation to the parameters that decline with age.
Remember:  You’re not comparing yourself with anyone else.  This test simply compares how quickly you can react when you are not using caffeine with how quickly you can react after you have taken some caffeine. 
You may be surprised at the results. 




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