Starbucks is spreading its legacy of burned, bitter beans to China.  Traditionally a nation of tea drinkers, China will now be sold Starbucks’ line of cheap, low quality coffee in an effort to enlist the Chinese into the tasteless army of Starbucks drinkers who already fill hundreds of coffeehouses in the West.
Starbucks has launched its efforts to capture and degrade the Chinese coffee market by openining 750 shops, each of which grinds burned beans and serves up various coffee drinks throughout the Middle Kingdom, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.
All we can say is:  Good luck, to the Chinese!  If you like bitter coffee, you’re in for a treat!
Perhaps we should include this hint:  If you prefer good tasting, high-quality arabica coffee, medium roasted to perfection, try importing the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee already widely available in the United States!


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