Obviously, few people actually enjoy the flavor of the bitter, burned beans that Starbucks serves.  So why do customers continue to line up to buy large servings of Starbucks expensive coffee?
The answer may surprise you.  Starbucks apparently uses cheap robusta coffee beans.  These beans have twice the caffeine of higher quality arabica coffees.  This means that when you order an 8 oz cup of Starbucks coffee, you are getting a generous 400 mg of caffeine.  If you go for two cups, you are getting a whopping 800 mg of caffeine.  It would take three quarts of Monster or Red Bull to match this caffeine delivery.  For most people, that’s enough caffeine to practically put them into orbit.  And it’s certainly more than enough to improve way you feel by super charging your energy and, even more important, by boosting your mood to the sky.

Starbucks Coffee Bibber Soars!

So, no wonder people gravitate to Starbucks and somehow feel really good when they pull up a seat, ignore the burned, bitter flavor, and swig down a couple of cups.  They are getting the full power of the magic of mega doses caffeine!
Of course, you actually don’t have to sacrifice the flavor of good coffee in order to soar on caffeine.  You should be aware that you can get the same magical lift if you have a few cups of good tasting arabica coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, for example!

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  1. Apparently uses robusta. You have yet to offer any proof, and they state the complete opposite in all of their materials and packaging (100% arabica). Which is it?

    1. Well, Starbucks does use robusta beans. But it really doesn’t matter too much what beans they use. They burn their beans all to hell, which automatically destroys any subtle, good flavor the beans might have had to start with. That’s one reason they load so many coffee drinks with sugar, milk products, and other flavoring.

    1. I guess that you are a bit dull. I never said that “they use Robusta because they use Robusta.” But, as we all know, they do use Robusta. In case you are interested, they use cheap beans because cheap beans cost less than expensive, good beans. Get it?

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