In 1922 William Ukers published an enormous book called All About Coffee.  Several years later, he published a companion volume, All About Tea.  These books became the classic, compendious resources for anyone interested in the cultural and natural history of both beverages.  Unfortunately, they were out of print for many years.  Now, however, Amazon offers several editions of each of these books.  One edition is an exact reproduction of the original book, other editions are in other formats. 
In any case, we cannot recommend these books strongly enough to anyone serious about learning about the lore of coffee and tea.  We used both books extensively in researching and writing our book The World of Caffeine, and we know that both books, which are richly illustrated, can provide hours of informative entertainment for coffee and tea aficionados around the world.  These books would make great gifts for the coffee and tea lovers in your life.  They have our highest recommendation!

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