An Englishman was recently was found dead in his West Midlands flat, and, at his inquest, the Black Country Coroner, Mr. Robin Balmain, blamed his death on a “massive overdose of caffeine.”  In fact, the man had consumed a bag of twelve caffeinated Hero Instant Energy Mints containing a total of 500 mg of caffeine.  This is about the amount of caffeine in two 8 oz cups of filter-drip Arabica coffee or of a large cup of Starbucks burned Robusta brew.
This coroner announced he would write to the Department of Health to express concerns over the death of the former painter and decorator.  He said, “This is a potentially very dangerous situation.  The level of caffeine is enormous.”
Still Alive!
The good news is that, if this Englishman really was not exposed to any other cause of death, then he must still be alive!  This is so, because such small amount of caffeine would not kill anyone.  If it could, stretchers would be filled with Starbucks patrons and other coffee drinkers, carrying them to emergency trucks and to the morgue.
Obviously, caffeine paranoia is alive and well!  Reasonable people would do well to sit down, enjoy a cup of caffeinated coffee or a caffeinated energy mint, and recognize that, for most of us, caffeine safely boosts our mood and improves our health.

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