It has been known for decades, from longitudinal studies of hundreds of thousands of people, that, in large part because of the benefits of caffeine for the heart, the use of caffeine enables people to live longer.  But now a study at Stanford University reveals one of primary ways in which caffeine achieves this effect: By reducing the systemic inflammation which has been linked to cardiovascular disease and aging.

The school’s findings, published last month in the medical journal Nature Medicine, examined more than 100 people over a series of years. The university said the research found the inflammatory process was less prevalent in those who ingested more caffeine. Lab experiments found that caffeine “directly countered” the inflammatory process.
The blood of the people with low levels of inflammatory protein was found to be “enriched by caffeine” compared to the other group.
How important is this reduction of inflammation?  David Fuhrman, the study’s lead author, explained that 90% of noncommunicable diseases — which aren’t infectious or transmissible — are tied to chronic inflammation.  And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adds that about 75% of the world’s deaths are caused by noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
So, if you enjoy a regular dose of caffeine, you become more likely to continue your enjoyment of life for much longer!

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  1. I have always believe that caffeine was a natural pain management tool, but I did not know that I will life longer because I am managing my pain through caffeine.

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