Coffee first appeared in history in the Yemen in the beginning of the sixteenth century.  You can read about its stormy beginnings, when Kha’ir Beg, the Meccan police chief, banned coffee and shut down the first cafés in the world, in our post Banning Four Loko: Caffeine Paranoia Run Wild!  Mocha, the coffee grown in mountainous regions of the Yemen, is still one of the finest coffees available anywhere.  Complex, pungent, and earthy, Mocha has hints of cinnamon, cardamom, raisins, and distinct chocolate tones as well.  By the way, Mocha beans contain 1% caffeine by weight, the lowest percentage of caffeine found in any coffee in the world.

Yemen Mocha Coffee, 1 lb Whole Bean

Real Yemen Mocha Coffee is available from Amazon at the attractive price of $12.50 a pound.  Try it and savor a taste of history.
The Mocha-Java blend, a very popular combination, may be an accident of history.  However, the two varieties of beans have been found to combine fortuitously, as the clean, bright taste of Java beans blends so well with the wild richness of Mocha.

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