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5-hour Energy Drink Pays $4.3 million for Fraudulent Ads

The swindlers who manufacture and sell the so-called 5-hour Energy Drink recently paid $4.3 million for criminally deceptive ads.

Swindlers Who Make This Phony Product: Charged with Criminal Fraud

This very expensive “drink,” which contains a modest amount of caffeine as well as several ingredients which have no value and that may pose health risks, is advertised on TV without mentioning caffeine at all and is sold throughout the country in drug stores and grocery stores.  The crooks making it have been taken to court on criminal charges in a number of States to stop the sale of this phony product to unsuspecting dupes.

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Wake the Dead — Again!

Wake the Dead with Caffeine

As reported this week by the Associated Press, an addled coroner declared that a South Carolina high school student who had no heart problems died from heart failure because he consumed too much caffeine.  The boy had drunk a big bottle of Mountain Dew, a cup of coffee, and an “energy drink.”   The caffeine he ingested was less than amount of caffeine in one cup of Starbucks burned Robusta brew.

Still Alive!

The good news is that, if this teenager really had no heart problems and was not exposed to any other cause of death, then he must still be alive!  This is so, because such small amount of caffeine would not kill anyone.  If it could, stretchers would be filled with Starbucks patrons and other coffee drinkers, carrying them to emergency trucks and to the morgue.

Obviously, caffeine paranoia is alive and well!  This story, claiming that a healthy young boy died of heart failure caused by drinking a small amount of caffeine, has appeared in dozens of news reports from supposedly reputable sources, including CBS and Fox News, irresponsible web sites, such as the Huffington Post, and dozens of supposedly reputable magazines and newspapers.  Reasonable people would do well to sit down, enjoy a cup of caffeinated coffee, and recognize that, for most of us, caffeine safely boosts our mood and improves our health.

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Caffeine Makes Tylenol Work Better!

It’s common knowledge that Tylenol (acetaminophen) is a pain killer.  It’s less well known that caffeine reduces pain even more than Tylenol.  But, in addition, as reported in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study has proven that caffeine actually enables the body to absorb Tylenol in a way that increases its analgesic, or pain reducing, effectiveness!

In other words, not only does caffeine itself reduce pain, 100mg of caffeine actually enhances the analgesic potency of Tylenol, and of course, caffeine also reduces inflammation, which Tylenol does not do.  Unfortunately, even though caffeine has been added to aspirin tablets for decades, its use in combination with Tylenol has been banned for decades by — guess who? — our overseers and masters at the FDA.



The FDA did recently allow caffeine to be combined with Tylenol — but only if aspirin, which is terrible for your stomach, is included too!

(For details, see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17442681)

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How Caffeine Helps People Live Longer

It has been known for decades, from longitudinal studies of hundreds of thousands of people, that, in large part because of the benefits of caffeine for the heart, the use of caffeine enables people to live longer.  But now a study at Stanford University reveals one of primary ways in which caffeine achieves this effect: By reducing the systemic inflammation which has been linked to cardiovascular disease and aging.

The school’s findings, published last month in the medical journal Nature Medicine, examined more than 100 people over a series of years. The university said the research found the inflammatory process was less prevalent in those who ingested more caffeine. Lab experiments found that caffeine “directly countered” the inflammatory process.

The blood of the people with low levels of inflammatory protein was found to be “enriched by caffeine” compared to the other group.

How important is this reduction of inflammation?  David Fuhrman, the study’s lead author, explained that 90% of noncommunicable diseases — which aren’t infectious or transmissible — are tied to chronic inflammation.  And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adds that about 75% of the world’s deaths are caused by noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

So, if you enjoy a regular dose of caffeine, you become more likely to continue your enjoyment of life for much longer!

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Notorious Anti-Caffeine Screwball Convicted for Fraud

As leader of the phony Caffeine Awareness Association, Marina Kushner, who has written and published various anti-caffeine e-books, had been travelling the United States for years to lobby State legislators to institute a so-called “Caffeine Awareness Month.”  Now, after she was arrested and charged with fraud, her group has been disbanded as part of her plea bargaining agreement.

Marina Kushner — Anti-Caffeine Screwball

Kushner had been using her organization to fraudulently collect money by enabling people to satisfy court-ordered community service.  Kushner and the Caffeine Awareness Association, a group she founded, each pleaded guilty to a false-filing felony.   Kushner’s sentence includes a $5,000 fine, 300 hours of legitimate community service, and an agreement to repay over $200,000 she scammed from innocent victims.

See our post about Kushner: ”The So-Called ‘Truth’ About Caffeine: More Caffeine Paranoia Literature.“ (http://worldofcaffeine.com/?s=kushner)

Perhaps, Kushner will now have the leisure to regret damning caffeine and trying to spoil the enjoyment of the benefits and pleasures of a wonderful substance!

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Exercise Takes Toll on your Eyes…but Caffeine Restores Them!

Everyone knows that caffeine can help you exercise better and longer, but most of us don’t realize that caffeine can reverse a detrimental effect that endurance exercise can have on your vision.


In a University of Waterloo study, participants experienced an almost 10 per cent reduction in their rapid eye movements after performing endurance exercise.  However, ingesting caffeine reversed the effect entirely! A group of scientists at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science recently explored the effects of caffeine and endurance exercise on participants’ eyesight.

To do this, they asked 11 well-trained cyclists to ride for three hours at a moderate intensity and then to take a rapid eye movement test afterwards.  Additionally, participants were given either a placebo or caffeine-infused beverage to test for moderating effects.

Cyclists given only the placebo showed an eight per cent decrease in their eye movement speed after performing the exercise session.  The decrease in eye movement is probably caused by a phenomenon known as “central fatigue,” in which the nervous system is unable to coordinate muscle movements effectively.

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However, ingesting caffeine (the equivalent of two cups of coffee) was found to counteract the effect entirely.  The members of the group that took caffeine after the workout saw their eye movements increase by nearly 11 per cent following exercise.  Although the exact mechanisms by which caffeine eliminates the effects of exercise-induced fatigue are unknown, the authors suggest that it probably affects the working of of neurotransmitters.

Most runners will agree that they feel more alert and energetic while and even after completing a run or bout of exercise.  These advantages may be especially important for early-morning runners who then drive to work or require a high degree of focus and concentration.

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