Coffee Prices Rise and Fall…

On May 3, when Arabica futures contract prices hit a 14-year high of $3 a pound, some analysts predicted prices could reach an unprecedented $4 a pound, as low world supplies of coffee beans left coffee buyers scrambling. However, now forecasters warn that improving prospects for next year’s crop, which has already lowered the cost of […]

Caffeine and an "Attitude of Success"

Many studies have proven that caffeine increases feelings of optimism and self-confidence and dispels boredom and fatigue.  Caffeine also increases mental and physical capacities and allows you to release your hidden potential.  Can there be any doubt that this line up of benefits adds up to creating an “attitude of success” in the caffeine user, […]

Filter Drip Coffee: Paper vs. Metal Filters

One of the best and most popular ways of making coffee is the filter drip method.  Most commonly, the filter used is disposable and is made of paper.  Sometimes, however, reusable metal, often gold-plated, filters are used instead.  Both methods of filtering coffee work to brew good tasting coffee.  However, the use of a metal […]

Yemeni Mocha Coffee — The Oldest and Perhaps Still the Best

Coffee first appeared in history in the Yemen in the beginning of the sixteenth century.  You can read about its stormy beginnings, when Kha’ir Beg, the Meccan police chief, banned coffee and shut down the first cafés in the world, in our post Banning Four Loko: Caffeine Paranoia Run Wild!  Mocha, the coffee grown in […]

Caffeinated Soap

We’ve often talked about the benefits of taking caffeine internally, whether in coffee, tea, or caffeinated soft drinks or in pills or capsules.  But caffeine is also said to have a number of beneficial effects when applied topically, in the medium, for example, of creams, lotions, soaps, or shampoos. 

Caffeine Does NOT Dehydrate!

One of the most abiding false charges against caffeine is that using caffeine causes dehydration.  For decades, health “experts,” including many physicians, have been warning athletes and others that they should avoid caffeine if they want to avoid depleting their bodies of water. The truth?  Many peer-reviewed studies have proven that caffeine does not alter […]

Ban Caffeine? Caffeine Paranoia Goes Wild!

Better take a big sip of some strong coffee and experience some of the tranquil energy that caffeine imparts.  If you enjoy caffeine, this story may shake you up a little. No drug has ever been field tested the way caffeine has been.  There are almost 7 billion people in the world.  About 95% of […]

The So-Called "Truth" About Caffeine: More Caffeine Paranoia Literature

Marina Kushner is a woman on a mission:  To spread nonsense about caffeine’s effects, influence state legislatures to try to curb caffeine use, and, in general, to ride into the limelight by intimidating and frightening people so that they avoid caffeine.  The Truth About Caffeine, one of her scientismic books, carries forward her campaign.

Caffeine Preppy: Caffeine Design Necktie

If you’d like to dress up a bit and declare your devotion to the wonder drug, caffeine, check out this necktie. Coffee / Caffeine Molecule – Men’s Silk Necktie is $45.00.

FDA Is Wrong Yet Again – Ivy League Study PROVES Alcohol Combined with Caffeine Is Safe!

It was obvious all along.   But the caffeine paranoia lobby has been lying and spouting nonsense to such an extent that many people had become confused.  Inaccurate, unscientific rulings by the bureaucrats posturing in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to the effect that it is unsafe to combine alcohol and caffeine, made the waters even murkier.  Now the journal Addiction […]