Caffeine Pills: Get an Exact Dose and Improved Effects

When we were writing our book The Caffeine Advantage, we discovered that, even though the caffeine in coffee offers major benefits to the mind and body, caffeine pills and tablets had been shown to have some additional powers that the caffeine in coffee could not deliver.  In fact, as was proven in a metastudy by a […]

Looking Your Best with Caffeine!

Yes, it’s true!  Caffeine has been proven to work as a beauty aid in a number of exciting respects.  One example is the fact that caffeine, when applied topically, can reduce cellulite, tighten and smooth skin, and reduce wrinkles.  Taking advantage of these effects, caffeine eye cream is a new product which promises to make the skin around […]

Military Caffeine Energy Gum — Be All You Can Be!

Over the last twenty years, the United States military has studied the potential value of caffeine as a tool for increasing the endurance and performance of soldiers in the field.  A great deal of this research was conducted by Dr. Harris R. Lieberman, USARIEM, of the Military Nutrition Division and Tufts University.  (Dr. Lieberman praised our […]

Does Caffeine Raise Your IQ? Find Out Now!

Caffeine improves visuospatial and abstract reasoning, memory, verbal fluency, calculatory abilitity, and concentration, speeds reaction time, and boosts a slew of other parameters of mental performance.  It happens that these are the very abilities that are measured by IQ tests.  It is therefore reasonable to think that caffeine actually boosts your IQ, at least in […]

Laugh at "Energy Drink" Worries!

Red Bull and the dozens of other “high caffeine” soft drinks contain only a small fraction of the caffeine found in an ordinary cup of coffee.  All the concern over them is pure hype and a bundle of nonsense.  Specifically, a can of Red Bull contains about 80 milligrams of caffeine.  A small cup of […]