Win at Poker with Caffeine

Poker is a demanding game of skill.  Winning at poker requires the ability to perform quick, precise wagering caculations, the knack of making fast evaluations of card strengths, and, also, because extended play can be boring, the sitzfleisch to sustain patient concentration. Caffeine improves each of these specific abilities. 

Can "Caffeine Leggings" Reduce Your Thighs?

Slimming down and shaping up are challenges many women face, especially as we enter the spring and summer seasons.  Caffeine can definitely help you to lose weight and get into good condition.  This is because, taken internally, caffeine reduces your appetite, increases your metabolic rate, allows you to burn more fat, and enables you to […]

Caffeine Paranoia Generates Four Loko Law Suit

The parents of John “Bo” Donald Rupp, III, a 15 year old boy, have instituted a suit against Phusion Projects, maker of Four Loko, for their son’s September 26, 2010 death.   The minor who died had acquired the drink illegally, as Four Loko was not sold legally to minors.  The unfortunate kid had consumed […]

A Useless CD to Fight Caffeine "Addiction"

Like many other benign drugs, caffeine does cause a metabolic dependence.  That means that, if you are using substantial amounts regularly, you may experience some discomfort if you stop using it suddenly.  However, a metabolic dependence and an addiction are not the same thing!  As we’ve explained in other posts, physicians and addiction scientists have […]

Oh, no! The Paranoid Caffeine Horror Parade Moves on!

An amazingly stupid and inaccurate book, Caffeine Makes Me Bleed (And How It Can Poison You, Too!) by Susan Lynn, has been added to the list of literature promoting the irrational fear and hatred of caffeine. Caffeine Makes Me Bleed As our web site postings make clear, caffeine not only offers safe, effective performance and mood […]

Time Release Caffeine Pills

GreenCoffeX Time Release Caffeine Capsules use a time-release technology to provide a safe, steady level of caffeine-enhanced energy and alertness over an eight hour period in a once-a-day dose.  It’s supposed to have no ups and downs or jitters.  GreenCoffex capsules contain pure caffeine derived from Colombian Green Coffee Beans.  Each GreenCoffex capsule has been coated […]

Latter Day Saints and Caffeine

Mormons, or Latter Day Saints, are prohibited by their “Word of Wisdom” health code from using alcohol, tobacco, and “hot drinks.” Traditionally, the church has interpreted this to bar the use of coffee and tea. However, caffeine itself is not mentioned in any traditional Mormon texts. Therefore, some Mormons today enjoy caffeinated sodas, such as […]

Banning Four Loko: Caffeine Paranoia Run Wild!

Caffeine has been damned for causing mental and physical problems.  Maybe there is one serious mental disorder that it does cause —            caffeine paranoia, the irrational, intense fear of caffeine.  Four Loko, a modestly potent malt alcoholic drink with a bit of caffeine added, has been banned in New York as “potentially deadly” and has also […]

Hangover Remedy: Caffeine and Ibuprophen

Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia recently discovered that a mixture of caffeine and ibuprophen (Advil) is an excellent remedy for the hangover blues.  Their study, reported in the January 11, 2011 issue of New Scientist, confirmed previous studies at Harvard University that found that the caffeine in coffee and anti-inflammatory ingredients in ibuprophen and […]