Dreaded Caffeine Withdrawal

We’ve all heard that caffeine is addictive and that, if you use it regularly and then stop using it, you will experience the pains and discomfort of drug withdrawal. Dr. Peter B. Dews, Professor Emeritus of Harvard University, the dean of United States caffeine scientists and researchers, told Bennett that stories about caffeine withdrawal greatly exaggerate […]

Caffeine Combats High Blood Pressure

The new study has been completed of nearly 500 men and women, age 65 to 100, who live on a small island called Ikaria, in the Aegean Sea, where more than a third of people live to celebrate their 90th birthday.  The study was trying to pinpoint the reasons the people on this island enjoy […]

Coffee Slows the Progression of Liver Disease

New research has found that the caffeine in coffee slows the progression of advanced liver disease in people with chronic hepatitis C, a widespread and often fatal illness.  The study was published in the November, 2010 issue of the journal Hepatology. The study included over 750 patients infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV).  The participants were asked […]

Caffeine Protects Women's Brains by Lowering Stroke Risk

A new study confirms that the caffeine in even one cup of coffee a day lowers stroke risk in women by about 25%. A stroke is the sudden death of a region of brain cells because of a lack of sufficient oxygen.  Strokes are caused by a blockage or rupture of an artery that carries […]

Burned Beans — The Shame of Starbucks

There are two major varieties of coffee beans: arabica and robusta.  Robusta coffees are easier and cheaper to grow, but they taste harsher and more bitter.  Arabica coffees, from Mocha, to Java, to a dozen other varieties of more costly “gourmet” beans, have a range of subtle and rich flavors.  However, there is more to coffee’s […]

Keurig Coffee Maker Attracts Vast Following

A new coffee maker, based on a novel method of brewing single cups of coffee, has been getting a great deal of attention.  We admit we haven’t tried it yet, but users’ reviews rave about the quality of the coffee that comes out of this machine.  In future posts, we’ll present a complete evaluation.  Meanwhile, […]

Protect Your Heart and Live Longer with Caffeine

One of the ugliest myths about caffeine is that the drug is bad for your heart.  The truth that caffeine absolutely does not increase cardiovascular pathology, has been known for decades.  This was proven by a slew of londitudinal studies, including the Framingham Heart Study, the Tromso Heart Study, and the Honolulu Heart Study.  However, even though many medical […]

Caffeine Pills: Get an Exact Dose and Improved Effects

When we were writing our book The Caffeine Advantage, we discovered that, even though the caffeine in coffee offers major benefits to the mind and body, caffeine pills and tablets had been shown to have some additional powers that the caffeine in coffee could not deliver.  In fact, as was proven in a metastudy by a […]

Looking Your Best with Caffeine!

Yes, it’s true!  Caffeine has been proven to work as a beauty aid in a number of exciting respects.  One example is the fact that caffeine, when applied topically, can reduce cellulite, tighten and smooth skin, and reduce wrinkles.  Taking advantage of these effects, caffeine eye cream is a new product which promises to make the skin around […]