Military Caffeine Energy Gum — Be All You Can Be!

Over the last twenty years, the United States military has studied the potential value of caffeine as a tool for increasing the endurance and performance of soldiers in the field.  A great deal of this research was conducted by Dr. Harris R. Lieberman, USARIEM, of the Military Nutrition Division and Tufts University.  (Dr. Lieberman praised our […]

Does Caffeine Raise Your IQ? Find Out Now!

Caffeine improves visuospatial and abstract reasoning, memory, verbal fluency, calculatory abilitity, and concentration, speeds reaction time, and boosts a slew of other parameters of mental performance.  It happens that these are the very abilities that are measured by IQ tests.  It is therefore reasonable to think that caffeine actually boosts your IQ, at least in […]

The Ultimate Coffee and Tea Books!

In 1922 William Ukers published an enormous book called All About Coffee.  Several years later, he published a companion volume, All About Tea.  These books became the classic, compendious resources for anyone interested in the cultural and natural history of both beverages.  Unfortunately, they were out of print for many years.  Now, however, Amazon offers […]

Laugh at "Energy Drink" Worries!

Red Bull and the dozens of other “high caffeine” soft drinks contain only a small fraction of the caffeine found in an ordinary cup of coffee.  All the concern over them is pure hype and a bundle of nonsense.  Specifically, a can of Red Bull contains about 80 milligrams of caffeine.  A small cup of […]

Caffeine Dramatically Reduces Brain Cancer Risk

It’s been known for decades that caffeine offers a remarkable boost to many brain functions.  But new information about previously unknown benefits has continued to emerge from laboratories around the world.  For example, it was proven long ago at the Weissman Institute in Israel that caffeine actually causes the brain cells called “dentrites” to ramify […]