Caffeine Increases Recognition of Positive Words

A recent study finds that people recognize words associated with positive thoughts more quickly after they have consumed caffeine. Many people do not feel “like themselves” before they enjoy a morning cup of coffee. Now this study finds that the enhanced sense of well-being that caffeine creates is reflected in our perception of words.  As […]

ABC News Plays False with Caffeine

Do you assume you can rely on network television news to learn reliable information about your health?  At least when it comes to ABC News “Good Morning America,” this assumption is unfortunately unjustified! Caffeine and Deaths and Adverse Health Effects The ABC News Report: According to a recent ABC News report, the FDA announced that a Monster […]

Everything Old Is New Again: Caffeine as a Potent Pain-Killer

  Caffeine is a potent pain-killer.  However, in addition to reducing pain on its own, caffeine in even low doses has been shown to magnify the pain killing power of aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprophen and even of narcotic analgesics.  Decades ago, caffeine was commonly combined with aspirin, in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals such as Anacin, and with narcotic pain killers, […]

Caffeine Helps Weight Loss — Coffee Doesn't!

According to a new study from the University of Southern Queensland, caffeine, consumed as a pill or as a powder mixed with water or juice, may help people to reduce weight, but the caffeine delivered in the matrix of coffee won’t. Researchers found that rats kept on a high calorie diet lost weight after being given caffeine.  However, no weight […]

Mega Doses of Caffeine: Why People Like Starbucks Burned, Bitter Brew

Obviously, few people actually enjoy the flavor of the bitter, burned beans that Starbucks serves.  So why do customers continue to line up to buy large servings of Starbucks expensive coffee? The answer may surprise you.  Starbucks apparently uses cheap robusta coffee beans.  These beans have twice the caffeine of higher quality arabica coffees.  This […]

Caffeine Quotation to Enjoy and Ponder

Let us dream of evanescence and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.                       –Okakura Tenshin, The Book of Tea      

Holiday Cheer: The FDA Agrees — No Worries over Caffeine in "Energy Drinks"!

As a professor at Temple University and an expert on caffeine, I have often faced questions from my students about current issues relating to caffeine. One matter that has arisen lately is a concern over so-called “energy drinks,” that is, soft drinks that are usually carbonated and that contain more caffeine than traditional caffeinated sodas. […]

The Caffeine Cure: Study Confirms Caffeine Cuts Oral Cancer Mortality in Half!

A new study from the American Cancer Society, published online in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found an inverse relationship between caffeinated coffee intake and oral/pharyngeal cancer mortality. People who drank more than four cups of caffeinated coffee per day were about half as likely to die from these cancers than people who didn’t drink caffeinated coffee. […]