Jamaica Blue Mountain: Coffee from on High

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, grown in the Blue Mountain range in Jamaica, with peaks as high as 7,500 feet, is perhaps the most prized coffee in the world.  It is famous for its full, rich flavor, clean taste, low acidity,  notable sweetness, extraordinary body, and powerful, intense aroma. This tasty coffee doesn’t come cheap.  A one pound […]

Caffeine Mugs: Sipping in Style

If caffeine is what you’re really after when you drink your daily cups of coffee, perhaps it’s time to declare your interest to the world by enjoying the use of an eponymous caffeine drinking vessel. One nifty item is called a Caffeine Molecule Mug. This glass mug with a stable design is emblazoned with the […]

Mighty Leaf Tea – The Superior Tea Bag

Not all teas are created equal.  If you’re really into brewing tea, you can’t beat steeping tea leaves in a pot.  However, if you don’t have time or the inclination to go to so much trouble, you might prefer to use tea bags or pouches.  The only problem is that, generally speaking, you can’t actually […]

The Advent of Coffee and Coffeehouses in History

If you’ve ever been curious about when and where coffee appeared in the world, you might enjoy reading Coffee and Coffeehouses by Ralph S. Hattox. Hattox explores the mystery of coffee’s origins.  Coffee enters history among the dervishes, members of a Moslem ascetic order, who used it to sustain their frenzied, whirling dances as acts of […]

Burned Beans — The Shame of Starbucks

There are two major varieties of coffee beans: arabica and robusta.  Robusta coffees are easier and cheaper to grow, but they taste harsher and more bitter.  Arabica coffees, from Mocha, to Java, to a dozen other varieties of more costly “gourmet” beans, have a range of subtle and rich flavors.  However, there is more to coffee’s […]

Keurig Coffee Maker Attracts Vast Following

A new coffee maker, based on a novel method of brewing single cups of coffee, has been getting a great deal of attention.  We admit we haven’t tried it yet, but users’ reviews rave about the quality of the coffee that comes out of this machine.  In future posts, we’ll present a complete evaluation.  Meanwhile, […]

Caffeine Pills: Get an Exact Dose and Improved Effects

When we were writing our book The Caffeine Advantage, we discovered that, even though the caffeine in coffee offers major benefits to the mind and body, caffeine pills and tablets had been shown to have some additional powers that the caffeine in coffee could not deliver.  In fact, as was proven in a metastudy by a […]

Looking Your Best with Caffeine!

Yes, it’s true!  Caffeine has been proven to work as a beauty aid in a number of exciting respects.  One example is the fact that caffeine, when applied topically, can reduce cellulite, tighten and smooth skin, and reduce wrinkles.  Taking advantage of these effects, caffeine eye cream is a new product which promises to make the skin around […]

Military Caffeine Energy Gum — Be All You Can Be!

Over the last twenty years, the United States military has studied the potential value of caffeine as a tool for increasing the endurance and performance of soldiers in the field.  A great deal of this research was conducted by Dr. Harris R. Lieberman, USARIEM, of the Military Nutrition Division and Tufts University.  (Dr. Lieberman praised our […]

The Ultimate Coffee and Tea Books!

In 1922 William Ukers published an enormous book called All About Coffee.  Several years later, he published a companion volume, All About Tea.  These books became the classic, compendious resources for anyone interested in the cultural and natural history of both beverages.  Unfortunately, they were out of print for many years.  Now, however, Amazon offers […]