Yemeni Mocha Coffee — The Oldest and Perhaps Still the Best

Coffee first appeared in history in the Yemen in the beginning of the sixteenth century.  You can read about its stormy beginnings, when Kha’ir Beg, the Meccan police chief, banned coffee and shut down the first cafés in the world, in our post Banning Four Loko: Caffeine Paranoia Run Wild!  Mocha, the coffee grown in […]

Caffeinated Soap

We’ve often talked about the benefits of taking caffeine internally, whether in coffee, tea, or caffeinated soft drinks or in pills or capsules.  But caffeine is also said to have a number of beneficial effects when applied topically, in the medium, for example, of creams, lotions, soaps, or shampoos. 

Caffeine Preppy: Caffeine Design Necktie

If you’d like to dress up a bit and declare your devotion to the wonder drug, caffeine, check out this necktie. Coffee / Caffeine Molecule – Men’s Silk Necktie is $45.00.

Caffeine Molecule Mug and Laboratory Beaker Mug

There’s a colorful, matching new pair of caffeine accessories available to all you caffeine fans:  A Caffeine Molecule Mug ($11.00) and a Laboratory Beaker Mug ($17.00).     A previously featured glass mug and a lidded, stainless steel travel mug, both displaying the caffeine molecule, can be found in the post Caffeine Mugs: Sipping in Style.    

Caffeine Molecule Shirts

Caffeine fashion is all the rage!  If you’re interested in joining the fun, check out this 100% cotton Caffeine Molecule Shirt, which has a green drawing of a caffeine molecule on a navy background. If you’re looking for a caffeinated T-shirt, check out the Caffeine Molecule T-shirt. which is brown and 100% cotton.   Amazon.com […]

Can "Caffeine Leggings" Reduce Your Thighs?

Slimming down and shaping up are challenges many women face, especially as we enter the spring and summer seasons.  Caffeine can definitely help you to lose weight and get into good condition.  This is because, taken internally, caffeine reduces your appetite, increases your metabolic rate, allows you to burn more fat, and enables you to […]

Welcome to the World of Caffeine!

WorldofCaffeine.com explores the lifestyle, performance, and health benefits of caffeine for the hundreds of millions who inhabit the coffee houses of the world and who spend their nights and days chasing the good life while coasting on caffeine.

Clever Coffee Dripper — New Coffee Brewing Technology

A manual drip cone is a serviceable way of brewing coffeee.  Now an inventor has devised a new sort of drip cone that combines the ease of use of drip brewing with some of the long extraction of French press brewing.  The device to make this coffee is called the Clever Coffee Dripper. The secret […]

A Useless CD to Fight Caffeine "Addiction"

Like many other benign drugs, caffeine does cause a metabolic dependence.  That means that, if you are using substantial amounts regularly, you may experience some discomfort if you stop using it suddenly.  However, a metabolic dependence and an addiction are not the same thing!  As we’ve explained in other posts, physicians and addiction scientists have […]

Time Release Caffeine Pills

GreenCoffeX Time Release Caffeine Capsules use a time-release technology to provide a safe, steady level of caffeine-enhanced energy and alertness over an eight hour period in a once-a-day dose.  It’s supposed to have no ups and downs or jitters.  GreenCoffex capsules contain pure caffeine derived from Colombian Green Coffee Beans.  Each GreenCoffex capsule has been coated […]