Coffee Prices Rise and Fall…

On May 3, when Arabica futures contract prices hit a 14-year high of $3 a pound, some analysts predicted prices could reach an unprecedented $4 a pound, as low world supplies of coffee beans left coffee buyers scrambling. However, now forecasters warn that improving prospects for next year’s crop, which has already lowered the cost of […]

Filter Drip Coffee: Paper vs. Metal Filters

One of the best and most popular ways of making coffee is the filter drip method.  Most commonly, the filter used is disposable and is made of paper.  Sometimes, however, reusable metal, often gold-plated, filters are used instead.  Both methods of filtering coffee work to brew good tasting coffee.  However, the use of a metal […]

Yemeni Mocha Coffee — The Oldest and Perhaps Still the Best

Coffee first appeared in history in the Yemen in the beginning of the sixteenth century.  You can read about its stormy beginnings, when Kha’ir Beg, the Meccan police chief, banned coffee and shut down the first cafés in the world, in our post Banning Four Loko: Caffeine Paranoia Run Wild!  Mocha, the coffee grown in […]

Caffeine Molecule Mug and Laboratory Beaker Mug

There’s a colorful, matching new pair of caffeine accessories available to all you caffeine fans:  A Caffeine Molecule Mug ($11.00) and a Laboratory Beaker Mug ($17.00).     A previously featured glass mug and a lidded, stainless steel travel mug, both displaying the caffeine molecule, can be found in the post Caffeine Mugs: Sipping in Style.    

Prostate Cancer Risk Cut Dramatically by Coffee

Drinking coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer, according to a study by Harvard University researchers that was funded by the National Institute of Health and the Prostate Cancer Foundation and reported in the May 17, 2011 online issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The study of nearly 50,000 American men found that those who […]

Clever Coffee Dripper — New Coffee Brewing Technology

A manual drip cone is a serviceable way of brewing coffeee.  Now an inventor has devised a new sort of drip cone that combines the ease of use of drip brewing with some of the long extraction of French press brewing.  The device to make this coffee is called the Clever Coffee Dripper. The secret […]

Caffeine in Coffee Fights Aging

Antioxidants have long been touted as anti-aging agents that work to prevent the damage caused by prolonged exposure to free radicals.  The theory is that by soaking up or neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants enable us to live longer, healthier lives.  Most people know that vitamin C is a strong antioxidant.  What most people don’t know is that […]

Pete Licata Wins the 2011 United States Barista Championship

In Houston, Texas, Pete Licata of Honolulu Coffee Company became the first competitor from Hawaii to win the United States Barista Championship.  He was also the first winner who used Hawaiian coffee. For the first time, a United States Barista Champion created and served his own coffee, from coffee cherries to the drink in a […]

Jamaica Blue Mountain: Coffee from on High

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, grown in the Blue Mountain range in Jamaica, with peaks as high as 7,500 feet, is perhaps the most prized coffee in the world.  It is famous for its full, rich flavor, clean taste, low acidity,  notable sweetness, extraordinary body, and powerful, intense aroma. This tasty coffee doesn’t come cheap.  A one pound […]