Forbes Blasts FDA for Unconstitutional "Regulation by Intimidation"

In a recent groundbreaking editorial, Forbes magazine called the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to account for playing into the hands of politicians seeking publicity and attorneys trying to win judgements.  Forbes specifically accuses the FDA of levying threats and intimidation against companies using caffeine in their products.  According to the editorial, this bullying is not […]

Caffeine Boosts Driver Safety

Long-haul truck drivers who use coffee and other caffeine sources are significantly less likely to have an accident than drivers who don’t indulge in caffeine. Australian researchers looked at data on over 500 truck drivers who were recently involved in a crash, comparing them another group of over 500 truck drivers who had not had […]

Caffeine Buzz: Bringing Back the Bees!

A study has shown that the caffeine-laced nectar of some plants improves the learning process for bees by enhancing their memory.  As a result, the bees are more likely to keep returning to pollinate the flowers providing caffeine. In effect, these plants use caffeine to alter the pollinating bees’ behavior, said Geraldine Wright, a honeybee […]

Caffeine Helps Weight Loss — Coffee Doesn't!

According to a new study from the University of Southern Queensland, caffeine, consumed as a pill or as a powder mixed with water or juice, may help people to reduce weight, but the caffeine delivered in the matrix of coffee won’t. Researchers found that rats kept on a high calorie diet lost weight after being given caffeine.  However, no weight […]

Mega Doses of Caffeine: Why People Like Starbucks Burned, Bitter Brew

Obviously, few people actually enjoy the flavor of the bitter, burned beans that Starbucks serves.  So why do customers continue to line up to buy large servings of Starbucks expensive coffee? The answer may surprise you.  Starbucks apparently uses cheap robusta coffee beans.  These beans have twice the caffeine of higher quality arabica coffees.  This […]

The Caffeine Cure: Study Confirms Caffeine Cuts Oral Cancer Mortality in Half!

A new study from the American Cancer Society, published online in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found an inverse relationship between caffeinated coffee intake and oral/pharyngeal cancer mortality. People who drank more than four cups of caffeinated coffee per day were about half as likely to die from these cancers than people who didn’t drink caffeinated coffee. […]

Coffee Makers for the Holidays: Keurig, Cuisinart, and More

Good coffee is great, but making good coffee can be a challenge. Therefore, as we approach the Christmas season, an excellent coffee maker remains a good choice as a gift for your friends and relatives and co-workers who love good coffee. A major new way of making coffee is offered by the Keurig Coffee Maker.  […]

McDonald's Coffee Gift Baskets for Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, the recurring conundrum of what to get for relatives, friends, and coworkers continues to challenge us.  Solutions that offer a variety of choices to suit different tastes are the McDonald’s Coffee Gift Baskets. Each gift package includes: A 15oz mug 2oz of each:  French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate, and […]

Something You Can Do with Starbucks Burned and Bitter Brew

Most people are unaware that caffeine evolved to help protect plants that produce it from microbes and insects.  For this reason, caffeine serves as a powerful insecticide when mixed with the soil in which plants are growing. So, if you are stuck with some the bitter brew or burned ground beans that Starbucks sells, you can pour […]

A Better Work Day: Using Caffeine on the Job

Cooks and servers, scientists, sales representatives, nurses, writers and editors, executives, teachers, and engineers were some of the workers who say they work better after drinking coffee, according to a new national survey commissioned by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder. In a national survey of over 4,000 people, nearly 50 percent said that their job performance suffers […]